Hi, I'm Kris. 
I'm a Chicago native, who spent the better portion of my life in the Midwest, until I picked a place on a map and headed west for a new adventure. That place was Denver. With a degree in Journalism Graphics, I'm a visual storyteller with a love for brand, John Hughes films and baked goods. More specifically, donuts.
I have 15 years of diverse creative experience sharpening my skills in just about every creative capacity imaginable; agencies, tech start-ups, museums and educational institutions. I believe in working with smart people who understand the balance between discipline and trust, pushing myself to make mistakes and choosing projects that I believe in. 
Let's talk art direction, brand strategy, creative campaigns, graphic design, UI/UX, email design, infographics and data visualization, digital design, illustration, hand lettering, social media content and strategy, editorial design, sales enablement materials, presentation design and donuts.
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